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  • In this recorded professional learning session Andrea Soanes and Greta Dromgool demonstrate the site’s latest developments including Google classroom accessibility, our glossary and the collections tool. These exciting, intuitive changes to our site allow you to easily access free, high quality science resources created specifically for New Zealand classrooms and shows how our site continues to grow and develop to meet the needs of our users.

    Thank you so much – such an amazing resource!

    Tertiary educator

    This will be valuable for both primary and secondary school teachers.

    Science support at your fingertips

    This is an edited recording of the webinar Science support at your fingertips.

    You can download the video and slideshow presentation.

    Science support at your fingertips – slideshow

    This slideshow, from the webinar Science support at your fingertips, provides additional support for the video tutorial.

    Topic Slideshow number(s) Video timecode
    Introducing the presenters 1 00:00
    Index 2 00:07
    Purpose 3 00:38
    Introducing the Science Learning Hub 4–5 01:22
    Collections tool 6–11 02:18
    Using our glossary 12–17 10:02
    Google classroom 18–23 14:36
    Teacher PLD 24–25 18:20
    SLH links, keep in touch and thanks 26 29:51

    You guys rock – the webinars are ALWAYS useful


    Nature of science

    The nature of science guides teachers in science to build the skills required by scientists at all levels, from the basics of observation to the more complex skills of collaboration, investigating and decision making within science. It is important within the classroom environment that students have opportunities to build and practise these skills in order for them to become confident science-literate citizens.

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    Did you know that we have a whole area dedicated to teacher Teacher PLD? In here you will find planning, pedagogy and all of our previous webinars.

    Our recorded webinar What does the Hub look like in the classroom? demonstrates what it looks like to plan using the Hub and how you might adapt resources for your students.

    For an overview of what we offer, have a look at this article Introducing our PLD.

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